magpie fibers

On Diversity and Inclusion

Magpie Fibers is a multi-racial woman owned business run by a group of incredible women from many backgrounds; diversity is who we are. Inclusivity is our journey, and we'd love for you to join us. 

What we will do, are doing, and will continue to do:

  • We strive to make our corner of the internet, our studio, and our booth a place where you feel welcomed, regardless of race, sexual orientation, size, gender or ability.

  • We actively work to create a diverse and equitable work environment.

  • We will continue to support and collaborate with BIPOC makers and designers.

  • We use our platform to amplify BIPOC experiences and share anti-racism materials.

  • We will continue to use models who represent our diverse community.

  • We will continue to seek out opportunities to learn, grow, and support BIPOC and other marginalized groups.

What we will not do:

We will not tolerate any type of hate speech, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism or weightism in any space we occupy, full stop.

BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, People of Color

Dami Hunter

Sometimes things just fall into place in delightful and unexpected ways. My introduction to knitting was that way. I moved to a beautiful new town and decided to take a knitting class at a brand new shop that had opened the same week I moved in. Between a life long love of crafting and Fashion Merchandising & Apparel Design at the University of Maryland, I don’t know how I’d never learned before, but I was instantly obsessed. My jewelry business took a backseat to endless hours of knits and purls, and before I knew it, all those hand-dyed colors on the walls of my LYS began calling to me. With tons of support and encouragement from the amazing Frederick knitting community, I started experimenting with dyeing, the art and chemistry of it endlessly fascinating. Magpie Fibers was launched December of 2014 at The Knot House in Frederick, Maryland.
To be building my business in this amazing community, connecting with so many wonderful creative people and meeting fantastic knitters across the county and around the world is the greatest blessing. I hope you love knitting with Magpie Fibers yarns as much as we love creating them.

Tracey Lambert

Tracey Lambert is Director of Operations, Dye Room DJ, Computer Jedi, Head of the Overthinking Department and all around Girl Friday. In addition to being absolutely essential to keeping things running smoothly, she coordinates the activities of the other Directors. She can often be found hosting early morning dye room coffee club or late night dye pot parties at Magpie HQ.

Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson is our Chief Speckle Officer, Abstract Concepts Coordinator, Patron Saint of Pattern Support and Resident Mathematician. In addition to routinely speckling all the things, Sue monitors the efficacy of the other Directors and is frequently the calm in the eye of the Dye Room storm.

Janet Ibrahim

Janet Ibrahim is our Director of Optimization, Synergy Specialist, Sewist Extordinaire and Exceptional Dyer of Moody Hues. Janet’s dye pot diligence keeps beautiful skeins rolling out of the studio, in addition to being the go to for all things (read treats and snuggles) for the heads of Security and HR.

Kayla Fernandez

Kayla Fernandez is our Shipping Manager, Head of the Streamlining department, Solution Specialist, and resident Super Model. In addition to keeping the shipping department and Magpie HQ streamlined and operating at max efficiency, she consults regularly with the Head of Security about matters of great importance and is always ready with a smile and a helping hand.


Kam is our Head of Security and Director of Snack Management. Her duties include meeting and greeting visiting dignitaries as well as ensuring the Dye Room is free of edible detritus.


Kitty is our Dye Room Supervisor and Director of Nap Management. In addition to ensuring all surfaces are free of easily moveable items, she manages the HR and Complaints Departments. She can usually be found surveying her domain from her bed under her personal heatlamp.