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When will my order ship?

A large portion of our stock is ready-to-ship and can be in your possession in 3-5 business days, but if we don’t have your ordered items on hand, dye it to order. We process these orders as quickly as possible, and most orders ship within 5-10 business days. 

I’m really ready to craft all the things! Where is my yarn?

Below we have a few guidelines for what each term means when checking your order status:

  • Pre-shipment - A label has been generated for your package and is awaiting pickup by USPS

  • Shipped -Your order is being processed by the postal service. If you are a U.S. customer, you will receive an email from us upon USPS accepting your package that will have an invoice and a USPS tracking number. You can use this tracking number at to track your package’s current location and plan for its arrival. Are you an international customer? Please take a look at the next question for our international shipping policies.

  • Pre-order - If the listing for the item you have purchased states this, it is either an item that is not currently available yet or one that has a large amount of interest. Pre-ordering creates a spot for you in our queue for that specific product. If you are interested in pre-ordering, there will be an estimated shipping date on the listing page for the item.

What is your International Shipping and Customs Policy?

Our International customers receive tracking numbers after USPS processing, but we are unable to track your package once it leaves the U.S. At that point, it will be handed off to an international shipper or your local postal service. If you have any questions about your International package’s current location, we highly recommend you contact your local postal service for a more accurate assessment, as we will be unable to access this information.

Additionally, some countries can, and will, hold packages at customs, may check their contents, and/or charge duties for these packages. Magpie Fibers is under legal obligation to declare all items shipped by us as “merchandise,” with its exact retail value listed, and not as a “gift.” 

Depending on your country’s import/export policies, International customers may be subject to fees, taxes or duties. International customers are therefore encouraged to research your country’s customs policies. For further questions, please contact your local customs office.


What is hand-dyed yarn?

We’re so glad you asked! Hand-dyeing is a dyeing process done by our small team daily in small batches. Unlike commercial or industrial yarn, our dedicated staff personally handles all stages of the dyeing process. From color design creations to hand winding, we pride ourselves in the attention to detail we put into each handcrafted batch of yarn. The result is a beautiful richness and tonality in our colorways that is unique to Magpie Fibers. 

Will the color I see on my screen be accurate to what I receive?

We hope so, but there are many reasons why it may appear differently. We make every effort to take pictures that are accurate and true to the colors that we dye. With that said, calibrations of monitor screens, smartphone screens or web browsers may represent colors differently. Even the lighting that you view a picture in can distort colors. If you are unhappy with the colors that you have received, please feel free to refer to our Return/Exchange Policy below and reach out to us on our Contact page, and we will help you with your purchase.

If I order multiple skeins of yarn in one color, will they all match?

Our goal at Magpie Fibers is to offer a consistently beautiful crafting experience to our customers.

If you are ordering more than one skein of yarn in a single color, we make every effort to match skeins as closely as possible. If we do not feel that we can send you a cohesive order from what we have available, your order will be dyed-to-order in its own dye lot to ensure consistency.

With this said, hand-dyed yarn will always have variations from skein to skein. If you are using multiple skeins of a single color, we always recommend that you alternate skeins.

What does “alternating skeins” mean? Do I have to do it?

Alternating skeins gives a uniform blending of multiple skeins that will give your hand-dyed yarn project a more consistent look overall. We strongly recommend that you alternate skeins on any project that is using more than one skein of the same color. 

If you’re unsure of how to do this, we’ve included a link to a video demonstrating the technique here.

How do I wash my project made with Magpie Fibers yarn?

All of our yarn bases contain superwash Merino wool, meaning that they technically can be washed in a washing machine. 

We recommend instead hand-washing to keep your project looking its best for years to come. To do this, please handwash your Magpie Fibers projects in cool water, and then lay flat to dry.

Customer Service

What is your return/exchange policy?

We will accept a return/exchange of any unused, unwound skeins of yarn purchased from Magpie Fibers within 30 days of date of delivery. If you have any questions about your return/exchange, please reach out to us at our Contact Us page.

I forgot to order something! Can I add it to my existing order?

We can add items to your existing order as long as it has not yet shipped. Send us an email through our Contact page to verify that your order is still in shipment processing. Then go ahead and place your order. Let us know once you’ve checked out, and we can then issue a refund on your shipping costs for the second order and get the complete order out to you as soon as possible.

Is there a way for me to see all of my past orders?

We would love for you to create an account with us on our website to enhance your shopping experience. With your new account, you can view recent orders and save payment and shipping information for even faster checkouts.

To open a new account with us on a desktop, simply go to and click on “Sign In” at the top of the page. This will open up a pop-up box asking for login information. Click “Create Account” at the bottom right of the pop-up box, enter your information, and you should receive an email address confirming your new account.

If you are accessing our website from a mobile device, click on the navigation bar at the top left to access our menu, then click on “Sign In,” and follow the same steps detailed above.

After creating an account, you will be able to build a profile that contains saved addresses, payment methods, and order history.

For your order history to be saved each time to your account, you must be logged in when making a purchase. Unfortunately, if you forget to log in, we are currently unable to retroactively add a purchase to your order history. 

I love my website account, but I changed my email address. What do I do now?

If the email address that you originally created an account with is no longer active, you will need to create a new account with your current email address. We cannot add your old purchase history to your new account, but this will still give you the same benefits previously stated and will send your shipment notifications to the correct email address.

Can you wind my yarn?

Unfortunately, our small team is currently unable to provide this service.

How can I visit your store?

We do not currently have a brick and mortar storefront. We do occasionally open our dye studio to the public during our Open Houses throughout the year. Follow us on Instagram @magpiefibers or on Facebook at “Magpie Fibers” for the latest updates on events and open houses. We’d love to meet you!

Fiber Society

What does a bimonthly subscription mean?

Our Society members receive a box from their subscription once every two months, for a total of 6 boxes throughout the year in 2-month increments.

How do I access the Members Only Society Page?


How do I curate my subscription?

Each session, we create a unique, speckled colorway that is exclusive to the Magpie Fiber Society. This colorway may not be substituted and will come with every box.

The subscription includes two skeins of yarn. Society members may choose to receive an additional skein of the exclusive speckle, or may choose from a selection of complimentary solid colors. Please only select one of the options available to you on the “Curate Your Collection” page.

If you’re in love with more than one option, you may use your special Society discount code to purchase any extra skeins you desire.

How do I order extra skeins of the current session’s colorway?

After logging into your Society page and then curating your collection, there will be an option on the main Society page to purchase additional skeins of that session’s exclusive color. This can be found directly next to the “Curate Your Collection” button and will say “Purchase Additional Skeins.”

Can I purchase past Magpie Fiber Society colors?

Our exclusive Fiber Society colors are only available for a limited time through our Society page. Each color will be available as a dyed-to-order item for 2 more sessions from the time of release. Any remaining skeins after that will be available on our Society page until sold out.

What if I don’t choose a color to go with my collection?

If you do not choose a color to go with your exclusive Society colorway, our team will randomly select a color for you from the options available for that session. Some of our Society members actually prefer this, because they get to be surprised when their collection arrives!

Do I need to enter my address every time I curate my collection?

Yes, please! Because of the way our subscription software interacts with our website, it is absolutely imperative that your name and address be entered at checkout when curating your Society shipment. You will not be charged, as this is a $0.00 item.

This must be done every session in order to ensure you receive the correct selection. We cannot guarantee that you will get your desired selection if you did not enter both your name and address as you checked out.

If you happen to have forgotten or have accidentally not entered your address, you can always go back and checkout again, including all of your information in your new order. Our Society members will personally have to do this, because we are unable to manually edit orders with missing information.

When can I expect my collection to arrive?

Magpie Fiber Society collections ship on the first week of the second month of the session. For example, if you are participating in the February/March session, you would curate and order your collection by February 15th. Your collection would then ship to you during the first week of March.

Our Society Members will then receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number per our normal shipping policies. For questions about our Domestic and International Shipping Policies, please refer to the question above.

To what does my free shipping benefit apply?

Free shipping only applies your Magpie Fiber Society box. Unfortunately, we cannot combine other orders with your Society box. If additional skeins are purchased, that order will be charged shipping and will ship separately.

Why haven’t I received my separate order of additional skeins yet?

Additional skeins of the current Society speckle will ship after Society boxes have shipped, usually within 1-2 business days.

How do I use my discount code?

At the beginning of each session, a newsletter email is sent out to each of our Society Members with a new unique discount code for that session. We recommend saving this email so that you always have access to your discount code for the following two months. At checkout, there will be a box that says “Gift or Discount Code.” Enter the current code, and press “Apply.”